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[114110107]Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX board

Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX board - Support up to 6 CM4, Storage Expansion for Each CM4, multiple Fan and USB Interfaces, two HDMI Ports, two RJ45 Network Connectors, on/off switch, reset button, dual Power Supply
  • [114110107]Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX board

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    [114110107]Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX board

    DeskPi Super6C Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Board is a standard mini-ITX motherboard, supporting up to 6 Raspberry CM4, equipped with storage expansion function for each one, mounted rich PC case front panel headers, powered by DC or ATX power supply. This board can be a great opportunity for you to learn cluster applications or distributed Machine Learning computing, under the vast and interesting ecosystems of Linux, cloud-native and Raspberry Pi.


    • Raspberry Pi Cluster Board supported up to 6 CM4: Capable of assembling up to 6 Raspberry CM4 compute modules in one mini-ITX board, perfect for distributed computing
    • Enhanced Peripheral Equipment for each CM4: Place one Micro USB 2.0 connector, an M.2 slot and TF card slot, along with one 5V fan interface for every CM4
    • Rich PC Case Front Panel Headers: Equip with two USB-A 2.0, two USB Host 2.54 Pins, two HDMI ports, two RJ45 network connectors, three 12V fan interfaces, an on/off switch, and a reset button


    The DeskPi Super6C Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Board is a standard mini-ITX motherboard, capable of assembling up to 6 Raspberry CM4 compute modules, where each module has enhanced peripheral equipment for advanced functions, including storage expansion. It comes with rich PC case front panel headers and offers two power supply options for the users. This board can be a great opportunity for you to learn cluster applications or distributed Machine Learning computing, under the vast and interesting ecosystems of Linux, cloud-native and Raspberry Pi.

    Uniting 6 independent Raspberry Compute Modules (nodes) in one cluster board, you can program to make these cluster nodes interoperate, for managing resources in Linux, building your own cloud service. In turn, you can also assemble all these cluster nodes’ resources to make one superior server (or supercomputer), for reaching even more advanced performance and deploying it in the edge computing scenarios like embedded Machine Learning. The nodes onboard communicate with each other through the onboard 1 Gbps switch and each node gets its own IP address.

    For every module on the board, there has been placed several peripheral interfaces for enhanced functions, including one Micro USB 2.0 connector, an M.2 slot, a TF card slot along with 5V fan interface. As for the primary computing module, there are two additional USB Host A 2.0 interfaces and two USB Host 2.54 4-pins for host usage and two HDMI interfaces (HDMI 2.0 and HDI 1.4a) for the multiple displays. The board also comes with two 1Gbps RJ45 network interfaces, three 12V fan interfaces, an on/off switch, and one reset button. And there are two power supply options which support by both 19V~24V DC and 12V ATX.

    This is your Raspberry Pi cluster. You can use it to handle a MySQL or Postgres database, to install an Apache server; to program and manage resources in Linux; to do scripting in BASH, Python, and other scripting languages to make those cluster nodes interoperate. You can use it to make and manage your own cloud service.

    This is your Raspberry Pi cluster. You can use it to learn Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, to turn all the cluster nodes’ resources into one supercomputer with the help of simultaneous processing software like OpenMPI.

    If you are interested about the cluster board, Seeed has provided the ones for Jetson Nano Module and Jetson NX Module:

    If you care more about instruments powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 Compute Module, Seeed provides you:

    • The Human Machine Interface Facility - reTerminal
    • Software Router with Pre-installed OpenWRT - Mini Router

    Seeed Studio has served millions of Raspberry Pi® users around the world. Check it now and find out how we can help your thoughts come to reality!


    • MySQL or Postgres Database Handle
    • Apache Server
    • Linux Learning
    • Cloud-native Service
    • Supercomputer Build




    SoM Interfaces

    Support up to 6 Raspberry Pi CM4(with or without eMMC version)

    Storage Expansion

    1x M.2 2280 slot and 1x TF card slot for each CM4 (6 total)


    One HDMI 2.0, One HDMI 1.4a (Connect to Primary CM4)

    USB Interface

    2x USB-A 2.0, 2x Host 2.54 Pins(Connect to Primary CM4);

    1x Micro USB 2.0 for each CM4

    Fan Interface

    1x 5V FAN Header for each CM4;

    3x 12V FAN Header additional

    Network Ports

    2x 1 Gbps RJ45 ports

    Power Supply

    19V~24V / 100W DC;

    12V ATX power supply

    500 W power


    170mm x 170mm x 21mm(Mini-ITX)

    Hardware Overview

    For a more specific diagram of rich interface connectors, please refer to here.

    Part List

    Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX Board


    90W Power Supply



    Which Raspberry Pi models are compatible

    DeskPi Super6C supports all Raspberry Pi CM4 with and without eMMC.

    From where DeskPi Super6C boots OS

    You can boot the OS either from eMMC, SD Card or netboot.

    Can I flash compute modules through the board

    Yes, you can flash a compute module using a Micro USB cable.

    How do the NIC, Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and audio ports work

    • There are 2 USB-A and 2 USB 2.54 Pins on the board. They only connect to CM4 1$. The two HDMI ports are also the same.

    • NIC  There is an 8-port gigabit switch on the board. Each port goes to each node plus one uplink. Two RJ45 out are from the switch. You can use them to connect to other network devices without an extern switch.

    Can DeskPi Super6C function from either an ATX power supply 12V



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    This product is shipped with a US plug by default.


    HSCODE 8543709990
    USHSCODE 8471490000
    EUHSCODE 8543709099
    CE 1
    EU DoC 1
    RoHS 1



[114110107]Raspberry Pi CM4 Cluster Mini-ITX board

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