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[110020229]Grove Creator Kit - β - 30 Grove functional modules in one box

Grove Creator Kit - β - 30 Grove functional modules in one box, cost-effective, free&detailed tutorials, beginner-friendly, project-helper
  • [110020229]Grove Creator Kit - β - 30 Grove functional modules in one box

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    [110020229]Grove Creator Kit - β - 30 Grove functional modules in one box


    • Multiple Modules in One Box: Includes 2 actuators, 2 wireless modules, 9 analogue inputs, 1 display, 5 LEDs, and 11 sensors
    • Cost-effective Kit: 42% discount for a total value of $46 only
    • Beginner-friendly Tutorials: Provide detailed and free tutorials for each module
    • Well Compatibility: SupportRaspberry Pi and Arduino programming
    • Huge Potential: Develop projects with Wio Terminal or reTerminal for edge AI and IoT application scenarios


    Hola! The creators! Seeed Studio represents you this fine kit, for the purpose of your electronic learning and developing path being steady and easy. The kit is on behalf of the Beta developers, advancing forward. With the full tutorials, it will help you quickly get started with the electrical components inside and complete more interesting projects.

    Grove Creator Kit Alpha contains 30 different functional Grove modules which help you quickly get started with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. With the full tutorials and all kinds of modules like analogue inputs, sensors, displays, etc, you will not only learn electronics but also be able to create multiple practical projects of your own.

    All modules are packed in one upright and foursquare box in orderliness. If you purchase them spreadly, it will cost more than $113 and yet the whole box with cables only takes you $66 and that is a 42% discount. Additionally, we provide more than 100 pages of free tutorials for each module. It provides codes and methods of connection that can help you get started with each module quickly. To show what you are capable of creating with these modules, we also provide some interesting projects.

    The kit contains 2 actuators, 2 wireless modules, 9 analogue inputs, 1 display, 5 LEDs, and 11 sensors, all of which are supported by both Arduino and Raspberry Pi controllers. Seeed Studio also launched an Arduino controller as Wio Terminal and a Raspberry Pi controller as reTerminal, combing them and modules skillfully, you will find a new world about edge AI (embedded Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things).

    Grove Creator Kit Part List Comparison


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    Please noted that there are no microcontrollers included in the kit. You can try our Seeed Studio XIAO Series, Wio Terminal, or reTerminal.


    • Primary project develop
    • Electronics Learning
    • Electronics knowledge educating

    Part List

    Category Module Amount
    Actuator Grove - Buzzer x1
    Grove - Vibration Motor x1
    Display Grove - 16 x 2 LCD (White on Blue) x1
    Wireless Grove - Infrared Emitter x1
    Grove - Infrared Receiver x1
    Input Grove - Tilt Switch x1
    Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor x1
    Grove - Magnetic Switch x1
    Grove - Thumb Joystick x1
    Grove - Switch(P) x1
    Grove - Button x1
    Grove - Red LED Button x1
    Grove - Yellow LED Button x1
    Grove - Blue LED Button x1
    LED Grove - Green LED x1
    Grove - Chainable RGB Led V2.0 x1
    Grove - Multi Color Flash LED (5mm) x1
    Grove - Red LED x1
    Grove - Blue LED x1
    Sensor Grove - Temperature Sensor x1
    Grove - Water Sensor x1
    Grove - Sound Sensor x1
    Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 x1
    Grove - Line Finder v1.1 x1
    Grove - Vibration Sensor (SW-420) x1
    Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11) x1
    Grove - Moisture Sensor x1
    Grove - Mini PIR Motion Sensor x1
    Grove - Loudness Sensor x1
    Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger x1
    Cable Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Unbuckled Cable x10
    Grove - Branch Cable 20cm x2
    Grove - 4 pin Male Jumper to Grove 4 pin Conversion Cable 20cm x5
    Grove - 4 pin Female Jumper to Grove 4 pin Conversion Cable 20cm x3


    Will Seeed Studio continue to present more kits like the Grove Creator Kit

    Yes, we do intend to. Meanwhile, you can check our other kits as well, like the XIAO microcontroller kit, LoRaWAN Dev kit, and so on...

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    USHSCODE 9023000000
    EUHSCODE 9023001000
    RoHS 1



[110020229]Grove Creator Kit - β - 30 Grove functional modules in one box

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