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[101990648]Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread

Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread
  • [101990648]Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread

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    [101990648]Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread


    • Compact Size for easy deployment
    • Durable Plastic Shell for better protection
    • Better solution for energy conservation
    • Ability to charge different devices such as lithium batteries, mobile phones, and radios
    • Anti-rust components inside


    Ever wondered about charging your mobile phones and batteries using water?

    Is it even possible?

    Well. We would like to present to you the Micro Water Turbine ? Hydraulic Generator. This little device can turn your running water into electricity! It has a durable plastic shell for better protection and also it is a good solution to save electricity to some extent! This generator is able to produce a maximum of 12V from flowing water.

    How Does This Hydroelectric Generator Work?

    This small device works in the same mechanism as a hydropower plant which is normally located in the middle of a river by building a dam. Once you set up this small device with a water flow that has considerable pressure (connect to a faucet, connect at the bottom of a water tank), the pressure of the flowing water helps in rotating a turbine which sits inside the device. This turbine has small blades inside and these blades start rotating when the water hits them. Then this is connected to a motor inside which in turn rotates as well, resulting in generating electricity. Finally, it is connected to a small circuit inside in order to regulate the output voltage.

    turbine diagram

    How Does Flow Rate Affect VDC?

    graph latest

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    If you only want 5V output from this generator, please click here to explore a different version of this product.


    Output Voltage12 +/- 0.3 VDC water flow 10 L / min
    5 ~ 12 +/- 0.3 VDC Water flow 4L / min
    3 +/- 0.25 VDC Water flow 3.5L / min
    Flow range 3.5 ~ 20L / min (pressure 0.05-0.2mpa)
    Maximum Output Current 150mA
    Resistance Between Line 10.5 ± 0.5Ω
    Insulation Resistance 10MΩ
    Maximum Working Pressure 1.2 Mpa
    Outlet Closed Highest Pressure Resistance 0.6Mpa
    Start Water Pressure 0.05Mpa
    Axial Clearance Approx. 0.2~1.0mm
    Mechanical Noise ≤ 55dB
    Generator Single Volume 90g
    Generator Life ≥ 3000h
    Working Temperature Range 0 ~ 80 ° C
    Storage temperature -25 ~ 65 ° C
    Maximum allowable ambient temperature 100 ° C max for 30 min


    • Charge lithium batteries
    • Charge mobile phones
    • Applications that need 12V stable voltage supply
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    There are two kinds of lithium batteries in the market, one with the charge management chip and one without the charge management chip. The charge management chip is needed for charging lithium batteries or otherwise will easily explode.


    dimensions water

    Parts List

    1 x Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread

    HSCODE 8501310000
    USHSCODE 8501104080
    EUHSCODE 8501109390
    CE 1
    RoHS 1



[101990648]Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2' Thread

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