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오토노모 보드 SODAQ Autonomo [114990280]

소닥 오토노모 보드 [114990280]
  • 오토노모 보드 SODAQ Autonomo [114990280]

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    오토노모 보드 SODAQ Autonomo [114990280]

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    SODAQ built a next generation, Arduino-compatible board that can record data and trigger actions in any environment.

    We believe you can save yourself a lot of time by being notified of important information. The information you want and need should come to you, magically. Having to go to your favorite surf spot to see how strong the wind is, or physically measuring how much water there still is in the well nearby your village, is a thing of the past.

    The Autonomo is a matchbox sized powerhouse which uses the new Atmel Cortex M0+ 32bit microcontroller. We designed it to be autonomous (self-sufficient) by enabling it to be powered by a smartphone sized solar panel. It will enable you to create devices that will notify you about anything.

    The new M0+ processor packs computing power which is comparable to the first Mac. It will make you wonder why you ever used anything else.

    Our goal was to create a device which would be able to run indefinitely using solar generated power. Leveraging our years of experience in creating low powered devices, the Autonomo has been created to run efficiently and with extremely low power consumption.


    • Microcontroller: ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
    • Compatibility: Arduino M0 compatible
    • Size: 58.5 x 33.5 mm
    • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
    • Digital I/O Pins: 16, with 12 PWM, UART, SPI and TWI (I2C)
    • Analog Input Pins: 6, 12-bit ADC channels
    • Analog Output Pins: 10-bit DAC
    • External Interrupts: Available on all pins except pin 4
    • DC Current per I/O pin: 7 mA
    • Flash Memory: 256 KB
    • SRAM: 32 KB
    • EEPROM: Up to 16KB by emulation
    • Clock Speed: 48 MHz
    • Debug: Serial Wire Interface
    • Communications: Bee compatible slot for communication modules with software switchable power
    • Storage: 8Mbit Dataflash Module and Micro SD card holder
    • Power: 5V USB power and/or 3.7V LiPo battery
    • Power switch: Software switchable power for connected devices up to 1A
    • Charging: Solar charge controller, up to 500mA charge current
    • LED's: Yellow charge LED and green LED on pin 13

    Part List

    • 1 x SODAQ Autonomo


    To get started with the Autonomo, please visit http://autonomo.sodaq.net/





오토노모 보드 SODAQ Autonomo [114990280]

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