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PC에서 자동차 진단을 할 수 있게 해주는 ScanTool사의 OBD-II 차량용 스캐너 / OBDwiz 포함
  • OBDLink SX(USB)
    OBDLink SX(USB)
    OBDLink SX(USB)

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  • 이 상품의 상품코드는 P001412848 입니다.

    OBDLink SX(USB)
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    OBDLink는 ScanTool에서 만든 PC에서 사용하는 차량용 스캐너입니다. PC에 프로그램 설치 하신 후 자동차와 PC를 본제품과 케이블로 연결하면 동작합니다. PC에 데이타 저장, 이메일로 전송 등의 PC기능을 편리하게 사용할 수 있습니다.

    2000년이후 국내 모든차량(가솔린 과 LPG 그리고 승용디젤 까지) 지원, 대우 레조 차량은 지원 안됨, 현대 투스카니 차량은 수출 모델은 적용되나 내수는 지원 안됩니다.

    CAN통신이 지원되며 모든 OBD-II 프로토콜을 지원하고 밴드 속도 또한 선택가능 합니다.



    OBDLink SX will quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems and access performance parameters for all OBD-II compliant vehicles. Use the latest version of
    OBDwiz software on any Windows laptop, netbook, or PC and you have a sophisticated, easy-to-use diagnostic system ? for a small fraction of the cost of comparable standalone units! OBDLink SX provides the same core functionality as the original OBDLink in a straightforward, plug-and-play package.

    The latest version of the free, feature-packed OBDwiz diagnostic software included with the scan tool allows you to:

    • Turn off the check engine light, and erase stored diagnostic information.
    • Read and erase stored, pending, and permanent trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer-specific).
    • Access freeze frame information.
    • Display, graph, and log 90+ real-time parameters
    • Create custom digital dashboards
    • Measure and display fuel economy
    • And much more!
    Premium diagnostic software, such as ScanXL and ScanMaster, offer a myriad of additional features, including access to proprietary systems such as ABS, and thousands of enhanced manufacturer-specific parameters. The firmware inside OBDLink SX is upgradeable, which means you can enjoy the latest features simply by downloading a free update.

    Key features

    • Plug-and-play design
    • Greatly increased data throughput delivers faster screen updates and more graph points
    • Supports all legislated OBD protocols:
      • ISO15765-4 (CAN)
      • ISO14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000)
      • ISO9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler vehicles)
      • J1850 VPW (GM vehicles)
      • J1850 PWM (Ford vehicles)
    • Compatible with more diagnostic software than any other scan tool
    • Advanced commands to perform enhanced diagnostics not possible with older ELM327-based scan tools.
    • User upgradeable via free downloads
    • Improved automatic protocol detection - OBDLink SX connects with more vehicles than any other scan tool.
    • Smart, keep-alive algorithm helps ensure a constant connection on all vehicles, even ISO and KWP.
    • The large CAN memory buffer makes OBDLink SX the most stable scan tool available.
    • Dimensions: 3.5" L x 1.75" W (89 mm x 45 mm)


    OBDLink SX is compatible with all model year 1996-2011 cars and light trucks sold in the United States, including all American, European, and Asian vehicles. OBD legislation varies from country to country, therefore if you reside outside the United States, check here to verify that your vehicle is OBD-2 compliant before purchasing this product. If you have any concerns, please remember that we offer a hassle-free full refund within 90 days of purchase.

    Package contents

    • OBDLink SX unit
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Installation CD (includes latest OBDWiz diagnostics software)


    OBDLink SX Quick Start Guide
    USB drivers
    OBDwiz Diagnostic Software
    Firmware Updates
    STN11XX datasheet


    See what other customers say about this tool, and ask questions on our user forum: OBDLink SX board.


    OBDLink SX comes with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee, and a 3 year warranty.




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