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QUALTEK Cable Assemblies POMONA Broadcast Connectors POMONA Audio Connectors
SWITCHCRAFT Phone Jacks and Accessories AMP QSL RF Connector System HIROSE Coaxial Connectors
AMP Modular Jacks and Cat 5e Cables I/O Connectors KOBICONN I/O Connectors
OpticalCon®, EtherCon®, and Multimedia Adapters MOLEX USB Connectors and Cable Assemblies MOLEX Ultra+™ VHDCI, CradleCon™ & HandyLink™ Connectors
MOLEX HDMI, Displayport™ and DVI Connectors Display Port and USB Receptacles AMP Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable Assemblies
AMP SFP and SFP+ Connectors & Cable Assemblies MOLEX SFP+, SFP and QSFP Connectors MOLEX iPass™ and iPass™ Connectors
MOLEX Serial ATA Connectors and Cable Assemblies 3M™ SAS/SATA Connectors and Cable Assemblies Ethernet and USB Connection Systems
HARTING Industrial Ethernet Solution MOLEX Industrial Ethernet and USB Connectors PHOENIX CONTACT Industrial Data Connection Systems
BULGIN Bluetooth Adapters and USB Connectors BULGIN FireWire Connectors 1.27mm Micro-D and D-Sub Connectors and Hoods
PHOENIX CONTACT M12/M8 Connectors PHOENIX CONTACT M12/M8 Cordsets HARWIN L-Tek Connectors
JAE Wire to Board Connectors ARIES Sockets, Adapters and Jumpers PANDUIT Terminals
BEI DUNCAN Sensors OMRON Photoeletirc Sensors and Fiber Optic Amplifiers 3M™ Test Clips and Breadboard Accessories
POMONA Test Clips and Accessories DLP DESIGN USB Interface Products FTDI USB Interface Products
LANTRONIX Device Severs and IT Management ROVING NETWORKS Adapters and Modules 3M TOOUCH SYSTEMS Touch Screens and Accessories
DIGITAL VIEW LCD Controllers TYCO ELECTRONICS Lighting Connectors BELDEN Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable
BELDEN Fiber Optic Products 3M™ Camera Link™ and MDR Cable Assemblies 3M™ Molded Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies
AMP I/O Cable Assemblies AIM/CAMBRIDGE BNC and Network Cable Assemblies FCI High Speed Cable Assemblies
FCI Power Cable Assemblies JOHNSON COMPONENTS RF Cable Assemblies KOBICONN Cable Assemblies and Adapters
KOBICONN Cable Assemblies and Auto Power Connectors MOLEX Cable Assemblies
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신상품 인기상품순 낮은가격순 높은가격순
HD2007-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] HD2007

Cables (Cable Assemblies) 26AWG 4PR STRANDED 22.96' CABLE
1개 92,150원
1304A-500-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 1304A-500

Multi-Paired Cable 24AWG 4PR STRAND PVC 500' SPOOL BLACK
1개 593,460원
8770-1000-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 8770-1000

Multi-Conductor Cable SHIELD 3C 18AWG 1000
1개 873,740원
8770-500-아이씨뱅큐 [Molex] 8770-500

Multi-Conductor Cable SHIELD 3C 18AWG 500
1개 ~ 11,480 원
10개 ~ 10,980 원
25개 ~ 10,480 원
50개 ~ 9,980 원
8771-1000-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 8771-1000

Multi-Conductor Cable SHIELD 3C 22AWG 1000
8771-500-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 8771-500

Multi-Conductor Cable SHIELD 3C 22AWG 500
83319-100-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 83319-100

Multi-Conductor Cable 22AWG 2C SHIELD TFE
1개 569,920원
83318-100-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 83318-100

Multi-Conductor Cable 24AWG 2C SHIELD TFE
1개 ~ 529,940 원
5개 ~ 507,250 원
10개 ~ 491,370 원
9770-500-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 9770-500

Multi-Conductor Cable 22 AWG 500
1개 ~ 450,540 원
5개 ~ 431,240 원
10개 ~ 417,720 원
88444-100-아이씨뱅큐 [Belden Wire & Cable] 88444-100

Multi-Conductor Cable 22AWG 4C UNSHLD 100'
1개 ~ 2,055,170 원
5개 ~ 1,967,120 원

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