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룸바보드 SET / RUMBA BOARD SET / 3D 프린터 컨트롤러 / RepRep-아이씨뱅큐
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룸바보드 SET / RUMBA BOARD SET / 3D 프린터 컨트롤러 / RepRep

RepRep 기반 / 3D프린터의 컨트롤 보드 / 135mm x 75mm / 5V and +12V

소비자가 100,000 원   [17.5%할인] 82,500 원
적립금 0
상품코드 P005635196
배송기간 입금 확인 후 4~5주
재고위치 국내 재고
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 USB 미니 케이블 5핀 1.8M (미니B형)-아이씨뱅큐
USB 미니 케이블 5핀 1.8M (미니B형)
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Coms USB 미니 케이블 5P, 충전/데이타용,30cm
룸바보드 SET / RUMBA BOARD SET / 3D 프린터 컨트롤러 / RepRep - RepRep 기반 / 3D프린터의 컨트롤 보드 / 135mm x 75mm / 5V and +12V



● 모델명  





● 구성품 



 - 모터드라이버 X 4


● 이미지


제품 구성 및 사양


compact size: 135mm x 75mm

fully integrated all in one solution:

· Arduino 2560-R3 compatible (works with Sprinter, Repetier, Marlin out of the box)

· ATmega16U2 (with enhanced firmware) for high speed USB serial connection (up to 2MBit)


· can be used with 12V-35V for motors / heated bed

· integrated high precision power regulators (DC/DC) for:

· 12V (FAN/Light/...) and

· 5V (ATmega2560/Logic)

· power input selector for ATmega/logic (stand alone or power from USB)

easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector:

· RepRapDiscount SmartController compatible pin header on board

up to 6 motor driver with easy micro stepping setup (micro switches) which can be used for:

· TRIPLE extruder

· DUAL Z driver and DUAL extruder

5x temperature ADC connectors for thermistors:

· e.g. 3x extruder thermistor + 1x heated bed thermistor + 1x chamber thermistor

5x PWM capable power mosfet outputs (3 with voltage selector for MainPower/12V):

· e.g. 3x (MainPower) extruder heater cartridge/power resistor + 1x (12V) fan + 1x (12V) light

1x PWM capable power mosfet with extended cooling area for heated bed

6x end stop connectors with power supply

· Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax

· can be used for mechanical, opto, hall, ... end stops

screw terminals *and* pin header for easy motor connection:

· can be used with existing 4 pin Molex plug on motor cable

· easy to attach cables without plug

USB connector and USB pin header (useful when mounting in a small box)

Power and ALL unused pins available on EXP-3 feature connector:

· +5V and +12V

· 2x ADC

· 2x PWM I/O

· 4x I/O

· I2C

full JTAG support

· JTAG can be used during full operation (no shared pins)

· easy to develop/debug new or optimized firmware using Atmel Studio


● 제품 응용












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