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ICbanQ keeps it's consistent way to make a specialty of semiconductor business area.
ICbanQ has been dedicated delivering the excellent services to our customers by providing enormous and
valuable information and higher quality of B2B service system.

2008 Jun new product release - PIC MP3 DIY kit
May move to new own office, 1801, High-End Tower 2, Digital Valley, Guro, Seoul, Korea
Apr ICbanQ ShenZhen China office open
2007 Jun ICbanQ Shopping Mall Grand open
Mar "Innobiz Corp" certification from Korean government
Mar "New Technology Venture Company" Certification Extention from Korean government
2006 Nov ICbanQ R&D Lab open
Nov 5th ICbanQ Web renewal
Oct Release MP3 DIY Kit text book
Oct Release myPIC-Microchip PIC series evalutation board
May ICbanQ eSeminar festival 2006 (11 company participated, TI,ST,Freescale, etc)
May ICbanQ Shopping mall renewal
2005 Nov Company name change "PowerCOM Inc" to "ICbanQ Inc"
Oct Moved head office to Guro Digital valley - 501 KOLON SCIENCE VALLEY I ,
187-10 Guro-Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Oct Participated in "Korea Small Medium Business Products Exhibition"
( Exhibit : myWave , myAudio)
Sep Expaned Guro branch office - Da-3116 , Chungang Circulation Complex 1258
Jul Released the MP3 DIY Kit myAudio(IDE type)
Jun Participated in SEK 2005 (Exhibit : ICbanQ.com, MP3 DIY Kit)
Apr Released the MP3 DIY Kit myWave(SD type)
MP3 DIY Kit myWave(SD type) 異쒖떆
Mar Established Guro branch office -Ga-3620 , Chungang Circulation Complex
Feb Opened the ICbanQ B2C shopping mall and the fourth reorganized web site
2004 Dev Opened the web site " http://www.neakorea.co.kr " ,
Acted in strategic concert with Nikkei Korea
Nov Holded the online seminar festival ( conexant, LeCory, Mircochip, NSC, Terabnk)
Aug Authorized as a purchasing agent for the Ministry of Information and Communication
Jul Acted in strategic concert with ChinaEC Net related media ,
Opened the web site " http ://www.ee-chomdan.co.kr "
Apr Established branch office in China ( Shenzhen )
2003 Nov Joined hands with IC114.com
Apr Opened Online seminar service - Held seminar for TI, Altera, Xilinx
Jan Contracted with Octasic Inc and Linkcom MFG as a Sales Representative and Distributor
2002 May Third ICbanQ website reorganization
Mar Contracted with ADchips as an online biz channel
Jan Partnership with Giosinternet for employment service
2001 Nov Partnership with Electropia for web site contents
Jun Partnership with IC market
Jun Partnership with Hankyung.com for website contents Helped opening of Hankyung.com B2B site
May Second ICbanQ website reorganization
2000 Nov Office Relocation to Teheran Valley.
Nov First ICbanQ website reorganization
Jul Launched ICbanQ e-commerce biz
Jun Completed First Round Funding from Mirae Asset V.C.
May Completed First Round Funding from Muhan Investment Co, Ltd.
May Started English service for ICbanQ.
Mar Opened US Office in San Jose.
May Opened website www.ICbanQ.com.
1999 Nov Changed Corporate name to PowerCOM Inc.
Aug Organized ICbanQ Task Force Team, Started development.
1996 Jan Established Powercom Electronics Co., Ltd.