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 About ICbanQ

ICbanQ, the utmost product of ICbanQ Inc, is a semiconductor B2B portal site for all those working in the latest
semiconductor business and students preparing for their future in this field.
Since 1999, ICbanQ has grown up to be the best portal site in Asia market through continuous investment and well
educated training. ICbanQ is an accomplishment of know-how and knowledge of semiconductor.


Company Brief
Foundation 1st of Jan, 1996
Address #A2301 Hyundai Knowledge Center, 70 Doosan-Ro, Geumcheon, Seoul, 08584 Korea
Phone +82 707 019 3900
Fax +82 2 2098 9393
Capital US $ 1.5Million
Main Business Semiconductor Compoenent Online B2B, Shopping mall, eMarketing, Digital Audio product

01  About ICbanQ

ICbanQ is the semiconductor portal site that semiconductor experts in ICbanQ is making with their best for
everyone in the electronics industry and students who are preparing for the future.

We, ICbanQ , started in 1996 and grew into the best semiconductor portal in Asia in fact as well as in name
through continuous investment and cultivated experts.

ICbanQ has know-hows and experiences of semiconductor experts.

02  Buy & sell

We realized B2B electronic commerce system which support any dealing mode from direct transaction to
purchasing agent.
Especially we realized the system for transcations in small lots and small amount which was dream of
researchers and engineers.
IC Bank will materialize the safe and advanced system and keep in mind the experts' every wishes.

03  Info Bank

ICbanQ establish enormous database related to semiconductor and supports engineers, researchers and
students to search variety information easily and update them continuously.

ICbanQ Semiconductor experts are trying to offer the necessary information not only variety information.

04  Community

We realized the community for everyone who engaged in semiconductor field to establish relationship and
share information.
There is no precedent for community for semiconductor experts.
But ICbanQ knows how important this kind of community is and we'd like to develop it with you

ICbanQ always keeps trying to embark on a new phase of domestic semiconductor infra.

Semiconuctor portal which expert dreams !!! We invite you to ICbanQ.

  We deeply thank you for your attention to the ICbanQ.
And our effort to create a new stage for semiconductor infrastructure keep going on.
ICbanQ invites you to our open world.