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4Ch. Recorder/Logger -아이씨뱅큐
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4Ch. Recorder/Logger

소비자가 견적문의요망
적립금 710
제조사 velleman Inc.
상품코드 P000042572
배송기간 입금 확인 후 3일
재고위치 국내 재고
4Ch. Recorder/Logger -
(제목 없음) 완제품

매뉴얼 다운로드 : www.velleman.be 에 가셔서
서치란에 PCS10을 기입하시면 화면 하단에서 다운로드 받으실 수 있습니다.


record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods
the measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing
thanks to the USB connection no power supply is necessary and installation is easy and straightforward
signals are instantly displayed on the PC screen using an analogue or DVM display USB cable included
PC-LAB2000 Software included
comes with enclosure


USB connected and powered
four DC coupled input channels
input resistance: 1Mohm
maximum samples per second: 100
four input ranges: 3V / 6V / 15V and 30V
sensitivity: 10mV
accuracy: ± 3% of full scale
maximum input: 30Vdc
power and recording/diagnostic LED
106 × 100 × 42 mm
analogue trace or digital DVM readout
4 channels record simultaneously
minimum / maximum sample hold function for DVM
from 1 sec to 1000 sec per division
storage and recall of screens (full colour) or data
automatic recording option for long recordings
on screen markers for time and voltage
DLL included for your own developments
system requirements:
PC, running Win98SE or higher (does not work on WinNT or Win95)
free USB port
CD-rom player

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